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"We love to give"

As Christusgemeinde Eichstätt we're only funded by voluntary donations.


We'd be so happy to have you supporting us as well:


Christusgemeinde Eichstätt

IBAN: DE52 7215 0000 0054 1358 76


Reason for payment: Spende


Our Heart Project


As Christusgemeinde Eichstätt we want to be generous and support missionary and diaconal projects.

That's why we support casayohana actively with our prayers and our finances.


casayohana protects and helps children with disabilities, women and families and facilitates therapeutic services in the highlands of the Andes in Peru. With authorities, churches and local non-profit institutions (NGOs) casayohana works closely together to provide culturally relevant, practical and sustainable aid based on a Christian view of humanity. You can find more information here: casayohana.

unser herzensprojekt
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